The Power of AI in Sheets and Excel provides the simplest, most powerful and cost-effective solution for using ChatGPT inside Google Sheets and Excel.


No API keys

No need for API keys, simply set up the add-on and begin

Easy to use

Use it in any cell with the simple =AI function

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Built for teams

Collaborate on AI initiatives across your entire organization


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Leverage our partnerships with AI providers to access top-tier performance

Cost-efficient avoids duplicate queries and is the most cost-effective way to use AI

Team support

Everyone on your team can use the same plan can...

Research & Organize Digital Marketing Campaigns can generate AdWords keywords, ad copy, Facebook campaign structures, ad titles, SEO content, and more to reduce the grunt work associated with your digital marketing campaigns.

Summarize, Categorize, Classify & Cleanse

Have large bodies of open-ended text such as articles, user surveys, or social media content? is great at summarizing, rewriting, and extracting content. It can also classify this content into categories. Have messy user input? Let clean and normalize the content. There's very little it can't do.

Test & Collaborate on AI Prototypes

Want to explore how ChatGPT can help your work, and share the results with your team? Testing out various prompts? is ideal for this, combining the structured nature of spreadsheets, our long-term results caching, and the power of AI for a great way to prototype.

Ideate & Create Content

Use to generate possible topics, then have it generate content based on those topics. All from a single prompt!

and much more! in action

Spreadsheets aren't just for numbers. They're a great way to use ChatGPT in bulk. is used by

Content creators

Use to generate topic ideas, create social media schedules, and produce variants of posts addressing diverse audiences, all stemming from a single prompt.

Digital marketers

Use Numerous to efficiently organize and create Facebook ads, AdWords copy, SEO keywords, and other digital marketing material for your agency clients.

Students & researchers

Use to clean, summarize, and categorize your data in Google Sheets and Excel.

Product engineers & managers

Use to experiment with various prompt structures, prototype AI features, and collaborate on GPT input and outputs.

Save 57% with yearly


1,000 tokens

$10 / month

Billed annually

*First 7 days free

  • Good for small projects

  • 500,000 characters of ChatGPT inputs and outputs

  • 500 formula generations


1,000 tokens

$10 / month

Billed annually

*First 7 days free

  • Good for small projects

  • 500,000 characters of ChatGPT inputs and outputs

  • 500 formula generations


For teams

$10* / month

Billed annually

*First 7 days free

8 users
  • 1 million characters of ChatGPT inputs and outputs, per person

  • Use in both Google Sheets and Excel

  • Priority email support

  • Video call onboarding if requested

Cancel anytime, and keep your remaining tokens forever.
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